Crane Safety In Extreme Weather

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High Wind Crane Operation

High-velocity winds can create a dangerous work environment for those working with cranes. When renting or buying for your business, look for cranes specifically designed with carbon fiber pendant lines. These lines provide stability in windy conditions, helping cranes have a strong chart throughout the long boom configurations. This allows cranes to safely function during windy conditions as well as when working on wind turbines.

In windy situations, it is also crucial to make sure you use the correct load chart for the crane’s configuration and setup, load path, and lift path. Also perform test lifts: raise the load a few inches, hold, confirm capacity and balance, and test the brake system before delivering the load. Additionally, establish a means of communication to the operators in case help is needed.

Whether you’re working with your own personal team or renting operators from another company, be sure they have experience dealing with wind and have received the proper training to know when it is safe to operate and when a high wind situation is too dangerous and the project should be put off.
Crane Service Inc provides equipment that can withstand the harshest weather

Tropical Cyclones and Thunderstorms

A crane can easily become the main attraction for lightning.If working in areas frequented by thunderstorms, consider using an all-terrain crane. A hybrid of a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane, their design is much more compact. This means that in case of an oncoming storm, the crane can easily be lowered to safety before lightning becomes a threat. Additionally, all-terrain cranes can withstand the high winds from an oncoming tropical cyclone so that the project can be safely disassembled in time to avoid the extreme weather.

Rough terrain cranes are also perfect for after a tropical cyclone. With them, you don't have to wait until the ground is dry again to meet the deadline of your project. These cranes have the capability to drive on ground conditions that would otherwise impair a normal crane.

As with working in high wind conditions, be sure to have, or hire, a highly trained team that knows when a project is just too dangerous to operate in. Additionally, after a storm, it is important to wait until a crane is dried out and ensure that nothing was damaged during the storm before operation begins again.
Crane Service Inc.'s team of cranes work tirelessly in extreme weather
Our goal at Crane Service, Inc. is to not only satisfy our clients with the best solutions for your projects but also ensure their safety, especially if extreme weather should occur. All the cranes listed above are available at Crane Service, Inc. such as the crawler crane Liebherr 1300SX with carbon fiber pendant lines and a variety of rough terrain cranes.

We make sure that all of our cranes meet industry requirements and routinely have them inspected by third-parties. In addition, we take care in providing the highest level of training for our team of operators—not only equipped to operate all our cranes available for rent, they are also trained to assess and handle extreme weather situations. Our customers’ safety is top priority, which is why we offer not only general liability insurance that goes far beyond industry requirements, but extra coverage as well.

To learn more about our safety precautions and how we can help on your site or project, call us at (800) 233-2673 for a free consultation.