Insuring Your Job Site: Find Out What Kind of Insurance You May Need to Safely Own or Rent a Crane

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There are a variety of insurances to pick from, including:

● General Liability ● Umbrella Liability ● Auto Liability ● Workers Compensation ● Equipment and Property ● Boom Overload ● Over-the-Road Coverage ● Accidental Pollution ● Flood and Earthquake Insurance

For Renters

For renters, the company that you’re getting your equipment from most likely already has insurance on their machines. There is also usually a rental reimbursement included in the policy manuscript which is customized to cover any equipment that is rented to a third party during the time of your project.

When reading over the insurance policy that is presented to you, it is firstly important to understand the contract. Knowing what you’re signing and what you’re covered for is important just in case an accident should occur. It is also important to understand the required insurance limits on the crane you’re renting.

For example, a costly piece of the crane could break off, but it’s not costly enough for the insurance to cover it. This means the renter would have to pay out of pocket to get it fixed. Know the minimum and maximums the insurance covers. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should document the condition of your equipment when you first get it with photographs as well as in writing. Do the same process before you return it. This way, you always have tangible proof of the true condition of the equipment when you received it and returned it.
Job Site Insurance with Crane Service

For Owners

When owning a crane, it is important that you have insurance for anyone who might be operating your equipment, as well as making sure that they are properly trained so that you don’t become liable for any injuries that may occur.

Additionally, it is vital to have not only general insurance that covers the basics of any potential accidents that may occur, but also to consider getting extra coverage based on where you’re located or what kind of work site you are at. For example, if you live somewhere frequented with flooding and earthquakes it is important to insure your cranes for these hazards as well.

At Crane Service, Inc., safety is our top priority. Not only do we maintain a general liability insurance policy that exceeds industry standards, but we also offer extra coverage to meet the specific needs of all our renters. All equipment for sale is kept up to safety standards and have annual inspection documents. For more information call (800) 233-2763.