How to Become a NCCCO Crane Operator - Todd Brown - Crane Rental Podcast Episode 2 - 4K

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The crane rental industry is very lucrative industry for anyone who seeks it. In the How to become a crane operator series we will hear how other crane operators joined this industry.

Todd Brown tells us how he started in the crane rental industry in 1992, when he was an electrical journeyman. One day on a project the backhoe operator was sick and so he learned to run the backhoe that day. As time progressed he started working with the cranes his employer had. Fast forward to 2007 he joined Crane Service as an operator and joined the crane rental industry full time. His favorite crane he ever ran is the Terex AC100-4L, a 120 ton class all-terrain crane.

Here are Todd Brown's steps to becoming a crane rental operator.

  • Step One: Have a love/passion for the equipment.
  • Step Two: Have a Class A drivers license.
  • Step Three: Get into the crane rental industry by applying to a local crane rental company.
  • Step Four: Get experience around the equipment by being a rigger/oiler/driver.
  • Step Five: Get your NCCCO crane operating license.
Learn more about his journey and what it takes to become a crane operator.

Podcast Resources:
NCCCO [The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators

Class A Drivers license: Information on obtaining your class 4 drivers licences can be found by visiting your local DMV or MVD or online by visiting your states DMV or MVD website.

Crane Hotline Magazine

American Crane and Transport Magazine


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