3 Unconventional Uses for Construction Equipment

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Early April, a video began circulating the internet of a man using a Komatsu excavator to rescue a baby deer trapped in a mound of mud. Impressed by the operator’s skillfully gentle retrieval of the animal, many took to social media to share the clip and it quickly became viral.

Coming across the video ourselves, it made us wonder, in what other ways has construction equipment been used unconventionally, and even possibly, to save lives? Below we’ve compiled a list of three of the most interesting and unusual uses for cranes and other machinery:

1. Man Uses Construction Equipment to Rescue Deer Trapped in Mud

As described above, in this video a skilled excavator operator deftly scoops up a baby deer stuck deep in the mud. When considering the durability and strength of rigging equipment and the small nature of the baby deer, the operator had to be especially delicate to save the animal.

2. Dinner in the Sky

In 2006, a communications agency specialized in gourmet pleasures teamed up with a company specialized in amusement park installations. This partnership explored an idea of deploying cranes to create a flying dinner table called the “Dinner in the Sky.” While some might find this height defying feast terrifying, those who attended seemed to truly enjoy the one of a kind experience.

3. NASA’s Lunar Crane

NASA is currently developing a lunar crane. This crane is going to be designed to provide heavy lifting capabilities on other worlds — like the moon and Mars. If everything goes as planned, the lunar crane is expected to be the first crane ever to be placed on the red planet.

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