Insuring Your Job Site: Find Out What Kind of Insurance You May Need to Safely Own or Rent a Crane

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When operating equipment that has the potential to be dangerous, it’s important to have the right kind of insurance to make sure all repairs and liabilities are covered should an accident occur. Work sites can be dangerous to both the operator as well as the people around the site. Even when taking the greatest safety precautions, mistakes happen—which is why it’s important to be insured.

The Benefits of Renting

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Crane Service Inc. offers a wide range of equipment for rentals
Customers want the best quality product at the best price. Crane Services, Inc. aims to meet that need by providing rental crane and rigging equipment to construction companies. Moreover, we understand that our customers should evaluate their options of buying versus renting and decide which option better suits their needs.

Crane Safety In Extreme Weather

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It always seems as though Mother Nature never wants to cooperate when we need her to. But since safety is the number one priority, certified crane dealers need to be prepared to offer their customers a wide range of machines that can work through and with whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Crane Service, Inc. has been renting, selling, and servicing cranes in the Southwest for over 40 years, giving us the experience to deal with the extreme weather the southwest is prone to: high winds, tropical cyclones, and thunderstorms.