3 Unconventional Uses for Construction Equipment

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Early April, a video began circulating the internet of a man using a Komatsu excavator to rescue a baby deer trapped in a mound of mud. Impressed by the operator’s skillfully gentle retrieval of the animal, many took to social media to share the clip and it quickly became viral.

Coming across the video ourselves, it made us wonder, in what other ways has construction equipment been used unconventionally, and even possibly, to save lives? We’ve compiled a list of three of the most interesting and unusual uses for cranes and other machinery.

Common Overhead Crane Hazards and How to Prevent Them

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In any industry, anticipating and proactively handling problems results in greater success than reactively responding to an incident. Working in the world of construction and manufacturing, hazards are always present on a job site but with the proper training and preparation, most issues are completely preventable.

Common Hazards in Crane Safety from Crane Service Inc.

Construction Site Hand Signals

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By properly using hand signals on construction job sites, you can prevent potential accidents and keep your workers and the work site safe. The person directing, also known as the signalman, acts as the crane operator’s eyes and ears throughout lifts as they have the best vantage point to accurately assess and direct how the load should be moved. Their communication with the operator is crucial in preventing crane accidents.

Featured Equipment of the Month - All-Terrain Crane

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Absolutely necessary to lift and move heavy weight loads, cranes are the most important heavy-duty machine in the construction industry. There are a variety of styles of cranes, each designed for a specific purpose.

Most recently, mobile cranes have gained incredible popularity and are being used in almost every major project as their increased mobility provide a lot of advantages on job sites. Of all the mobile cranes, the all-terrain crane is the most frequently used.

As their name suggests, all-terrain cranes can be used on any surface type as well as through any weather conditions. Thanks to their all-wheel drive steering suspension system, not only can they travel on all kinds of off-road terrain, but they have the rare feature that they can go on asphalt roads and highways as well. This makes them a highly valued asset in the construction industry, as most job sites are in remote locations with no adequate roads nearby.

All Terrain Crane