General Construction

We know general construction. We have 59 plus years of experience in the construction industry. Check out what we have accomplished in this field.

H. Brown Inc

Load 235,000# Transformer on Railcar.

Highland Enterprises Project

Steel girder project with crane

Shown here is our Linkbelt HTC8675, a 75 ton hydraulic truck crane hoisting steel framework for Highland Enterprises of Las Cruces, NM at the new Urgent Health Family Care center being built on Joe Battle.


In 1999 Crane Service Inc. teamed up with Dielco Crane for the construction of Intel's fabrication facility number 11.

Invesco Field at Mile High

In 2000 Crane Service, Inc. and Dielco Crane teamed up to erect Invesco Field at Mile High in the heart of Denver.

Mazak Integrex 650 Installation

Crane Service, Inc. moved the Mazak milling machine from Sandia National Laboratories to Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Modular Homes

The LTM 1200/1 240 ton Leibherr is used to set modular homes for Anderson Construction.

National Christmas Tree

Sharing a little piece of New Mexico's enchantment, The Santa Fe National Forest near Cuba New Mexico was selected this year to provide Washington D.C.'s annual National Christmas Tree.

P and J Arcomet

building tower crane el paso texas

We are erecting a Comedil CTT 331-16 tower crane at the El Paso International Airport CONRAC project. The total height of the tower crane that we were building was 120 ft. The Terex AC350/6 [400 ton] crane was able to lift the tower crane components.

Precast Panels

hoisting concrete panels texas

We are offloading 30,000 lb to 40,000 lb precast panels at a 60 foot radius. The crane used is our Link-Belt ATC3200 [200 ton] crane.

Premier Power Professionals - Goat Mountain Substation

Hoist DSTATCOM Building over perimeter fence and set at final point.

Questa Mine

questa mine crane rental heater

Shown is the Terex AC100-4L, a 120-ton class all-terrain crane. The AC100-4L is hoisting heater components that weigh 21,000 lbs.

questa mine crane rental heater

Red River Ski Lodge

The LTM 1200/1 setting bridge beams at the Red River Ski Lodge.

RTU's AM Refrigeration

am refrigertion rtu el paso crane

We are setting RTU's [roof top units] for AM Refrigeration at the new Sam's Club in El Paso, Texas. We are using the Terex AC350/6 [400 ton] crane with 200 feet of boom and 165,000 lbs of coutnerweight. The RTU's weighed in at 9,000 lbs.

Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories

Crane Service, Inc. has been doing business with Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos National Laboratories ever since we opened our doors in 1960.

Sandia Casino

The LTM 1200/1 with 197 ft main boom and 118 ft jib being used to for moving equipment inside a building.

Spaceport America

Setting 14,000 lb chiller units inside of hanger.

Sunland Construction

Hoisting steel pipe for Kinder Morgan

Shown here we have our Manitex 2592 25 ton boomtruck crane, National 9103A 26 ton boomtruck crane and the Linkbelt HTC8675 75 ton crane hoisting a section of 250' long 6" steel pipe.

Swift Corp Loader El Paso

Swift Corp El Paso Texas

We are hoisting a 992G Loader for Swift Corp. The crane we used is the Terex AC350-6 a 400 ton all-terrain crane.

Telecommunications Equipment

telecommincations crane rental

We are hoisting telecommunications equipment in the Sun City - El Paso, Texas, with our Liebherr 1090/2 [110 ton] crane.

Texas Tech School of Nursing

texas tech school of nursing

Operator Dave Lewis operated our Link-Belt HTC 860 to hoist the topping off steel beam

Tilt Wall Construction

One of Crane Service, Inc.'s specialties is tilt wall construction and we have the operators capable of for the construction.

Tilt Wall Panels

Grove GMK 7550 Tilt Panels

Hoisting tilt wall panels with the Grove GMK-7550.

Tilt Wall Panels

tilt wall panels crane el paso texas

The biggest mobile crane in El Paso, Texas, the 400 ton Terex AC350/6 is hoisting 89,000 lb tilt wall panels. The project is in Horizon city at a new shopping center.

Tower Construction

Tower Construction El Paso

We are construction a tower with our Terex AC350/6 400 ton all-terrain crane in El Paso, Texas.

Truth or Consequences Marsh Buggies

Marsh Buggy Crane Rental

The Terex AC100-4L all-terrain crane is hoisting Wilco marsh buggies in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

UNM Air Handlers

Deliveries of air handling units for the University of New Mexico Children's Hospital were delayed, however constructors chose to maintain schedule and erect the building's frame then place the units inside the building upon their arrival.

UTEP Fountain Pump Vaults

pump vaults crane rental

The Liebherr LTM-1090 110 ton all terrain crane is hoisting pump vaults for the new fountain. The fountain is located at the UTEP park. The client we worked for was Greenscape Pumos. The vaults weighed 30,000 lbs.

Very Large Array (VLA)

South of Albuquerque lays the Very Large Array (VLA), an international conglomeration of satellites and Crane Service was there to erect the units.

Walmart RTU's

El Paso, Texas RTU Walmart

Shown above is our Link-Belt ATC-3210, a 210-ton all-terrain crane, hoisting roof top units [RTU's] at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.