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Advanced Tower for KNME

Crane Service, Inc. set a transmission tower on Sandia Crest for KNME in September 2010.

All the Pretty Horses (2000)

The movie was filmed near the state penitentiary outside Santa Fe, NM.

Anderson-Abruzzo Museum Fountain

Anderson-Abruzzo Fountain

We are hoisting a custom fountain to memorialize Ben Abruzzo. The fountain is located at the Anderson-Abruzzo Balloon Museum.

APS Four Corners Power Plant

These pictures were taken on August 4, 2010 at APS Four Corners power plant. A 75-ton truck crane was used to lift the copper spools from a transformer that was being decommissioned by A-line EDS.

APS Teardown

APS Farmington crane

Our Terex AC250-1, a 300 ton all terrain crane, is hoisting a man basket at the APS power plant in Farmington, New Mexico. This is a small section of the disassembly project at APS, where we are helping take a whole unit offline.

Arctic Cat

cell tower crane rental

The shelter weighed in at 9,500 pounds and was 15 feet long. Our client had to have the shelter moved and set in place, right away.

Astronomy Museum

Setting the 43,000lb aluminum roof at the Lodestar Astronomy Center in Albuquerque.

Belen Bridge Beams

Hoisting bridge beams in Belen, NM with a crane

A Link-Belt ATC3275, 275 ton all-terrain crane and El Terrero Constructions Link-Belt crane, are hoisting bridge beams for BNSF and the City of Belen. The railroad bridge beams project was located in Belen, New Mexico.

Bhutan Cloud Sculpture El Paso, Texas

UTEP bhutan cloud sculpture

The Terex AC350/6, a 400-ton all-terrain crane is hoisting a sculpture into place at the University of Texas - El Paso [UTEP] campus.

Black Hawk Helicopter

Helping the military hoist and load their Black Hawk helicopter. 


In the early 1990's Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad had Crane Service install a number of bridges. The rail bridge seen below weighed in at over 200,000 lb.

Bridge Beams

Crane Service, Inc. has set bridge beams all over the state of New Mexico. Shown here are beams being set along Highway 84 and Reinken Rd. in Belen in November of 1999.

Bridge on Nimitz Rd

Crane Service, Inc. set a bridge on Nimitz Road in Grants, NM with its Liebherr LTM1200 truck for Salls Brothers Construction.

Bridging the Gap

We are bridging the gap for Sapphire Energy.

Broken Arrow Comm Shelter

terex ac350/6 hoits communication shelter

The Terex AC350/6 400 ton all terrain crane is lifting a concrete communications shelter for client, Broken Arrow Communications.

Caprock Wind Ranch

Crane Service, Inc. completed the erection of 80 Mitsubishi turbines and this ranch began operating in December 2003.


Managed by our Bloomfield office, we are routinely changing out compressors and other varying components around the four corner's oilfields.

Copper Pointe Church

Lifted a 38,000lb truss to replace current beams within the church.  The truss had to be split into two pieces to be lifted.  It was then welded after it was set in place.

Cordell Memorial Hospital Snyder, Texas

Snyder Texas Crane Rental Cogdell Hospital

The Link-Belt ATC3275, a 275-ton all-terrain crane is hoisting an HVAC unit for Wiley Hicks Jr, Inc and Howard's Mechanical at the Cogdell Memorial Hospital in Snyder, Texas.


Lifted old cooling tower that weighed 18,000 lbs from the roof and replaced it with a more modern cooling tower that weighed 26,000 lbs.  This lift also included the transportation of the old cooling tower to site for recycling.

El Segundo Mine Truck Assembly

The Link-Belt ATC3200 and Link-Belt HTC-8675 were used to off load truck dump beds at El Segundo Mine.

Exterran Compressor

Exterran Compressor lift with crane

The Link-Belt HTC8675 a 75 ton hydraulic truck crane is hoisting a compressor for Exterran in Farmington, New Mexico.

Floating Crane

Our American 7530 is used for assistance in repairs to an underwater line at Navajo Reservoir.

Gandy Dancer Railroad Project

railroad crane project gandy dancer

The Terex AC250-1, a 300-ton all-terrain crane is working for Gandy Dancer. The 300-ton crane is hoisting a railroad locomotive near Gallup, New Mexico.

GE Autoclave Move

The GE Autoclave Move was a three item pick and heavy-haul transport.  The three items were autoclaves ranging from 185,000 lbs to 220,000lbs. 

Hayden Bridge Building El Paso, Texas

Haydon Bridge Beams El Paso, Texas crane rental

The Terex AC350-6, a 400-ton all-terrain crane is hoisting bridge beams with the clients Kobelco crawler crane.

Haydon Bridge Beams

crane hoisting bridge beams in El Paso, Texas

The Terex AC350/6, a 400 ton all-terrain crane and the Kobelco CK1600II, a 160 ton crawler crane are hoisting concrete bridge girders for Haydon Building Corp in El Paso, Texas.

Haydon Bridge Beams I10

cranes hoist bridge beams in el paso, texas

The Terex AC350/6, a 400 ton all-terrain crane is hoisting concrete bridge girders for Haydon Building Corp.

Hoisting a Mercedes-Benz

Hoisting a Mercedes-Benz.


In 1999 Crane Service Inc. teamed up with Dielco Crane for the construction of Intel's fabrication facility number 11.