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A&M Refrigeration - El Paso

A&M Refrigeration refrigeration units crane rental

The Terex AC350/6 a 400 ton all-terrain crane is hoisting 17,000 lb refrigeration units for A&M Refrigeration in El Paso, Texas. We also hoisted RTU's [roof top units] for the Garick Company.

Alamo Tilt Wall Panels

hoisting tilt wall panels el paso texas

We are hoisting tilt wall panels in El Paso, Texas with our Link-Belt HC248H.

Alon USA

Alon USA required the use of nine separate cranes working around the clock.

Amarillo, Texas Mall

hoisting flags amarillo,texas mall

We are hoisting flags at the Amarillo, Texas mall in support of veterans and to help bring awareness to prostate cancer.

Arcadis Retention Mats El Paso, Texas

Arcadis Retention Mats

We are setting retention mats at the old Asarco plant for Aracadis. The crane we used is the Terex AC 350-6 a 400 ton all-terrain crane.

ArcelorMittal Shutdown

arecelormittal vinton texas crane

The Liebherr LTM-1090 110 ton all terrain crane is working at the ArcelorMittal Plant shutdown in Vinton, Texas.

Big Spring Bridge Project

big spring brige crane rental

The Terex AC350/6 and the Tadano-Faun ATF220G-5 are hoisting 160,000 lb and 60,000 lb bridge beams in Big Spring, Texas.

Big Spring Wind Power Project

Big Spring Wind Park

Crane Service Inc. provided maintenance on the 65 meter and 85 meter towers at this wind farm.

BMT Tank

BMT tank crane rental

The Terex AC350/6 400 ton all-terrain crane and the Link-Belt HC248H 200 ton lattice boom truck crane are hoisting a roof of a tank for BMT Tank. The tank weighed 110,000 lbs.

Borger Water Tower

city of borger water tower crane

The Grove GMK6400 400 ton all terrain crane is hoisting 88,000lb concrete panels. The concrete panels are 84 ft when they are set into place. The water tower is in Borger, Texas.

Breaking Dawn

el paso bridge beam crane

Breaking dawn in El Paso, Texas.

Brownwood Waste Water Project

Brownwood Waste Water crane

The Tadano-Faun ATF220G-5 hoisting components for the City of Brownwood, Texas waste water plant.

Bruce Foods

We picked these tanks up individually from the top while they were lying horizontally. We tailed the bottom of the tanks with a forklift.

Buffalo Gap I, II, III, IV, V

Crane Service, Inc. has worked on sites I, II, III, IV and V at Buffalo Gap.  Specifically, we have participated in maintenance on 80 meter towers including gearbox and rotor removal on Vestas V80's.

Buzzi Unicem Maintenance Shut Down

Buzzi Unicem Maintenance Shut Down.

CADRE Sand Plant

Building new sand plant.  Install shaker, unloaded shaker covers and installed six, 80ft to 90ft conveyors on second level of structure.

Caldwell Water Tanks

hoisting water tanks el paso texas

We are offloading 86,000 lb Caldwell water tanks in Horizon, Texas. We were able to use El Paso's largest mobile crane for the job, the Terex AC350/6 [400 ton]. The crane was albe to lift the 86,000 lb tanks 130 ft above the ground.

Callahan Divide

Crane Service, Inc. has done maintenance on the 80 meter GE 1.5 megawatt wind turbines throughout Callahan Divide.

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

Crane Service, Inc. has completed gearbox replacement work on Capricorn Ridge.

CCI Compressor Lift

cci kirtland compressor crane service

The Link-Belt ATC3210 a 210 ton all-terrain crane is working on dressing out a compressor that is shown here.

Compressor Skid Lift

Lauren constructors crane rental

This project was to lift a 140k compressor skid with a challenging center of gravity.

Concrete Buildings

link-belt htc8690 hoisting buildings

We are hoisting a few concrete building structures with our Link-Belt HTC8690 [90 ton] crane.

Control Building

control building crane rental

We are offloading 110,000 lb countrol building with our Terex AC250/6 200 ton all-terrain crane at El Paso Electric.

CV 22 Recovery

cv 22 osprey crane rental

The Link-Belt hydraulic truck crane is hoisting parts of the CV-22 Osprey.

Dan Williams Bridge Beams

dan williams bridge crane el paso

The Link-Belt HC 248 a 200 ton lattice boom truck crane and the Terex AC350/6 a 400 ton all terrain crane are hoisting bridge beams.

Desert Sky Wind Farm

Desert Sky Wind Farm is the 2nd wind farm that Crane Service Inc did the full erection.  We set bases, mids, nacelles and rotors on over 110 GE 1.5 turbines.

Du Pont Project El Paso

Du Pont El Paso Texas Plant

The Link-Belt HTC86100 100 ton hydraulic truck crane is working at the Du Pont plant in El Paso, Texas.

Dueling Terex 8460's

Terex 8460 Wind turbine blade change

Dueling Terex 8460's changing wind turbine blades out.

El Paso Electric Generator

hoisting a generator with crane

We are hoisting a 340,000 lb generator at El Paso Electric. The cranes being used are the Terex AC350/6 [400 ton] crane and the Link-Belt ATC3275 in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Electric Generator

El Paso Electric Generator Project

We are hoisting a 158,000 lb generator for El Paso Electric. The crane used is the Terex AC350/6 - 400-ton all-terrain crane.