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El Paso Pumping Station Project

We unloaded a gas turbine and set it aside until proper skid arrived. Meanwhile, we moved several gas turbines via the jack and role method around inside the warehouse to better accommodate any incoming gas turbines.

Elkhorn Compressor

elkhorn compressor lift el paso texas

We are hoisting a compressor skid that weighed 115,000 lbs. We used the Link-Belt ATC 3275 [275 ton] crane to complete the project for Elkhorn.

Erosion Mats

erosion mats el paso texas crane

The Terex AC350/6 a 400 ton all terrain crane is hoisting concrete erosion mats in Salt Flat, Texas.

Gantry Crane Construction

Gantry crane construction

We are hoisting and erecting a gantry crane in El Paso, Texas. This is a two crane pick with our Link-Belt all-terrain crane and our Grove hydraulic truck crane.

Gas Compressor Lift

gas compressor crane rental

Hoisting a 62,000 lb. gas compressor through a roof opening using our Liebherr LTM1160 crane. We then loaded the gas compressor on to our trailer for transportation. The compressor is being sent to Bloomfield, NM to be rebuilt.

Green Apartments

Going green by using the power of nature. 

Green Mountain Energy at Brazos

The Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm is one of the largest wind farms in the nation.  This was the 4th full wind farm erection that Crane Service Inc. completed.  160 wind turbines were sucessfully erected.

H. Brown Inc

Load 235,000# Transformer on Railcar.

Haydon Bridge Beams

bridge beam crane rental el paso

We are hoisting bridge beams in El Paso, Texas for Haydon. The cranes on the bridge construction jobsite are the P&H 5100 100 ton crawler crane and the Terex AC350/6 300 ton all-terrain crane.

Highland Enterprises Project

Steel girder project with crane

Shown here is our Linkbelt HTC8675, a 75 ton hydraulic truck crane hoisting steel framework for Highland Enterprises of Las Cruces, NM at the new Urgent Health Family Care center being built on Joe Battle.

Hoisting Wind Turbine Rotor

wind park texas crane rental

The Manitowoc 2250 crawler crane is hoisting a rotor at a wind park in Texas. The rotor has be be taken off of the wind turbine, so the gearbox in the wind turbine can be replaced.

Horse Hollow I, II, II

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center is one of the world's largest wind farms.  Crane Service Inc. has done maintenance on GE 1.5 megawatt 80 meter turbines.

Intercooler Lift

hoisting intercooler el paso texas

We are hoisting a 190,000 lb intercooler at El Paso Electric. The crane used is our Terex AC350/6 [400 ton] all-terrain crane.

Intercooler Offload

heavy haul crane service

Mighty Mel, our prime mover is hauling a 190,000 lb intercooler at El Paso Electric. We offloaded the intercooler with our Terex AC350/6 400 ton all-terrain crane.

Llano Estacado Wind Ranch

Crane Service Inc. participated in the erection of (21) 70 meter turbines at Llano Esacado Wind Ranch.  This wind farm has been in operation since 2001.

Navajo Bridge Girders

Navajo Bridge Girders

A pair of Link-Belt ATC3275’s, 275-ton all-terrain cranes are shown hoisting bridge girders. The two cranes were hoisting bridge girders.

P and J Arcomet

building tower crane el paso texas

We are erecting a Comedil CTT 331-16 tower crane at the El Paso International Airport CONRAC project. The total height of the tower crane that we were building was 120 ft. The Terex AC350/6 [400 ton] crane was able to lift the tower crane components.

PCL Construction Vessel

Crane hoisting vessel

The Link-Belt ATC3275 hoisting vessels in San Angelo, Texas for PCL Construction. The vessel weighed 77,000 lbs and was a radius of 48 feet.

PNM Transformer

pnm transformer gantry crane

We offloaded the transformer from a trailer with our Link-Belt ATC3275 a 275 ton all terrain crane. Then we moved the switch gear into place. Once in place we offloaded the switch gear with our gantry crane.

Praxair Tank Hoist

praxair crane El Paso Texas Plant

The Terex AC350/6, 400-ton all-terrain crane, and the Link-Belt HTC8675, 75-ton hydraulic truck crane, are hoisting a 47,000lb tank for Praxair at Western Refining in El Paso, Texas.

Precast Panels

hoisting concrete panels texas

We are offloading 30,000 lb to 40,000 lb precast panels at a 60 foot radius. The crane used is our Link-Belt ATC3200 [200 ton] crane.

Premier Power Professionals - Goat Mountain Substation

Hoist DSTATCOM Building over perimeter fence and set at final point.

RTU's AM Refrigeration

am refrigertion rtu el paso crane

We are setting RTU's [roof top units] for AM Refrigeration at the new Sam's Club in El Paso, Texas. We are using the Terex AC350/6 [400 ton] crane with 200 feet of boom and 165,000 lbs of coutnerweight. The RTU's weighed in at 9,000 lbs.

Schuster Road Bridges

schuester brodges el paso texas

The beams are the 55,000 lb beams leading from the highway on to the Schuster Road entrance in El Paso, Texas. We are using our Link-Belt 248H crane and our Kobelco CK 1600 II crane.

Sundt Bridge Beams

Sundt crane rental big spring, Texas

The Grove GMK6400 all-terrain 450 ton crane is hoisting 70,000lb bridge girders for Sundt.

Sunland Construction

Hoisting steel pipe for Kinder Morgan

Shown here we have our Manitex 2592 25 ton boomtruck crane, National 9103A 26 ton boomtruck crane and the Linkbelt HTC8675 75 ton crane hoisting a section of 250' long 6" steel pipe.

Swift Corp Loader El Paso

Swift Corp El Paso Texas

We are hoisting a 992G Loader for Swift Corp. The crane we used is the Terex AC350-6 a 400 ton all-terrain crane.

Taylor Electric Transformer

hoisting transformer abilene texas

The Link-Belt ATC3200 200 ton all terrain crane is hoisting a transformer for Taylor Electric in Merkal near Abilene, Texas. We also hauled the transformer for Taylor Electric.

Telecommunications Equipment

telecommincations crane rental

We are hoisting telecommunications equipment in the Sun City - El Paso, Texas, with our Liebherr 1090/2 [110 ton] crane.

Texas Tech School of Nursing

texas tech school of nursing

Operator Dave Lewis operated our Link-Belt HTC 860 to hoist the topping off steel beam