Meet Ken Ogle

Meet Ken Ogle
Ken Ogle, territory sales, has been part of the Crane Service, Inc family since 2008.
Ken's childhood dream was to become a forest ranger. When asked if his role plays into his childhood dream, he said, " Living on a ranch and working outdoors. In earlier years this region did not have much to offer as far as making a good living. Working for Crane Service has provided me with opportunity to make a good honest living in an area that I previously thought that it would be impossible to do so."

What does he enjoy most about Crane Service, Inc? Ken says he enjoys the ability to work for a company, that allows him to grow, "[I Enjoy] Freedom, support, and the the tools needed to learn, grow and succeed. Crane Service is not a company that offers empty promises. With a consistent solid effort, dedication,and patience, you will be rewarded here at Crane Service, Inc."

Being in charge of the West Texas territory, means that Ken is always on the road taking care of his customers. After 5 years, Ken is just getting started. He doesn't mind the freedom of windshield time. He is truly a selfless person. When asked why he pushs himself to more he said, "[To] Provide for my family, excel as a person, and doing my part to provide my teammates with the opportunity to do the same."
Contact Information

Ken Ogle
Territory Sales - Texas
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 325-236-6132
Cell Phone: 325-725-0921