Quadcopter Drone Division

Aerial Photography and Aerial Video

crane service drone division

Crane Service Quadcopter Drone Division is able to offer you a view of your jobsite unlike any other. With our remote drones you now have complete access to seeing your full jobsite, project site, or office location. Our drones feature stunning cameras that can take high definition videos [up to 1080P, 4K capabilities are coming soon] and high-resolution photos up to 14 mega pixels in size. Our drones have a flight ceiling of 400 ft [limited to FAA Regulations] and flight times of a few hours. The drone division experience doesn't end with just the content. Our in house video production team is able to cut, splice, and edit your video into something truly magical that can be shared with clients, team members, or used later for reference purposes for years to come.

Are you interested in getting the full birds eye view, so to speak? If so, you can call us or email us for pricing information, drone availability, and general questions. We are excited to show you a whole new world/view that exists 400 ft above your head. Call Chris Martin at 505-877-1100 or contact by EMail here.
Below are a few samples of our aerial photography capabilities.

Below are a few samples of our aerial video and production capabilities.

quadcopter construction aerial video

drone construction aerial video

trade show aerial video

construction project aerial video

VIDEO: Sterling City Bridge
Construction Aerial Video

VIDEO: 122,000 lb Transformer

VIDEO: ConExpo Las Vegas
2014 Aerial Video

VIDEO: Link-Belt
Cranes Aerial Video

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