NCCCO Training and Testing Class

Crane Service - Albuquerque, New Mexico is a certified testing facility for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, also referred to as NCCCO certification. The Albuquerque testing facility is capable of testing for the small hydraulic crane certification, large hydraulic crane certification, and conventional crane certification.

The NCCCO Certification test is a two-part exam, which consists of a written exam and a practical exam.

Written Exam:
  • Domain 1: Site (Approx. 20% of the test)
  • Domain 2: Operations (Approx. 26% of the test)
  • Domain 3: Technical Knowledge (Approx. 28% of the test)
  • Domain 4: Manufacturers' Load Charts (Approx. 26% of the test)
  • More information can be found here.
Practical Exam:

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