Meet Bob Warianka

Bob Warianka, business development manager, started as an apprentice operator for Marco Crane and Rigging in 1977. He started out as a crane oiler, then driving and eventually operated cranes.  Bob was the youngest 200 Ton crane operator in the state of Arizona.  He later left Marco and came to work for Crane Service, Inc as Operations manager. 

"I've always enjoyed the challenging projects from conception to end. I work well with the high profile projects like, Sandia National Labs and Intel, here in Albuquerque. I always love a good challenge. Our customers trust my work, judgment and the service they receive at Crane Service, Inc.  There is no project big or small that I haven't done "

Bob Warianka has been in the business since the beginning of time.  He is ready to take on your project from start to finish.  The question is are you ready for Bob to help your project finish on time and in budget?  Call him today to find out how we can help you be successful.

Bob Warianka