Find out why our rigging and signal person training class is A-plus!

When every project hour is busy and your resource dollars are stretched, you’re not about to settle for any old training. That’s why more operators and businesses cut straight to the best training crane class in the Southwest.  At Crane Services Inc., our training crane classes get right down to business to provide you with clear and highly practical instruction.  Our class is taught by industry experts who know their way around job sites, so you’ll not only earn your certification, you’ll benefit from insights that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Explore the topics and objectives of our training crane curriculum or download our rigging training brochure. Find out why Crane Rigging 101 offers rigging and signal persons the most useful skills training available:

  • Rigging Applications: Load control and taglines
  • Sling Capacities: Splicing efficiencies, hitches, D/d ratio, sling configuration workshops, sling loading
  • Load Angle Multiplier or LAM: Tension workshops
  • Load Weight Estimation
  • Crane Hand Signals: Mobile cranes and overhead cranes
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify center of gravity (CG) locations for standard and odd shaped loads.
  • Apply proper tag line use.
  • Understand splice efficiencies of wire rope sling termination points.
  • Identify the three basic hitches (vertical, choker, and basket) and their load rating efficiency.
  • Know how to calculate affects of D/d ratio on wire rope slings.
  • Calculate sling tension for symmetric and non-symmetric loads.
  • Estimate weights of common construction materials.
  • Learn ASME 30.5 mobile crane hand signals.
  • Determine the difference between good and poor rigging practices.
  • Master inverse proportion of weight and distance rigging practices for off center loads.
Additional class details:
  • Duration of class: 8.5 to 9 hours
  • Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded an achievement certificate as well as a wallet-sized certification card.
  • Snacks and lunch are provided.

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