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In the construction business, fractions of an inch could mean the difference between success and failure. With Crane Service's engineering tools, you won't have to worry. Piece of mind is a part of the customer service we offer.

Crane lift plans are crucial to any engineered lift or project. Lift plans allow us to engineer the project in 3D space and/or through a CAD environment in real time. With Crane Service, you are able to see every step of your project. We provide highly technical drawings to ensure a successful project. With our engineered lift plans, we can easily show everybody on the project what to expect. This ensures there are no surprises along the way: everybody from the lift director to the rigger is on the same page.

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We currently serve many industries throughout the Southwest. The industries that we serve range from general construction, bridge and highway construction, alternative energy [wind energy, solar energy, water energy], oil and gas, power plants, to the movie industry.

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Real engineered lift drawings, produced in house

Lift plan and project testmonial videos

3D and Autocad Design

3D and Autocad Liftplans

Glenn Garrison

Glenn Garrison, Lauren Engineers & Constructors

With 3D and Autocad design software you can really picture the project before it happens. This allows everybody in the field to be on the same page. It also ensures the crane can handle the load, including the deductions. Glenn Garrison is the manufacturing project manager for Lauren Engineers & Constructors. We have been working together for fours years now. We have provided them with cranes for their project; ranging from rough terrain cranes to large capacity hydraulics. We have been able to preplan all of our lifts using our in house engineering department, to ensure the project is a success.

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Our crane rental service is assured to have the most effective crane rental equipment for you, using our engineering tools along with our wide selection of crane rental services throughout the Southwest. To find out more about our wide selection of crane rentals or to get a crane rental rate, call us today at 888-588-9704.

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