Hydra-Slide HT500

Hydra-Slide HT500


The Hydra-Slide HT500 is a 500-ton heavy track skidding system. This hevy duty skidding solution can move transformers, nacelles, vessels, compressors, etc up to 500-tons. The HT500 heavy duty track doesn't require as much cribbing as other systemss. The heavy duty engineered beams on the most basic form requires cribbing at the joints. We are able to move 100+ feet with this heavy duty skidding system. We are able to offload to or from rail cars, Goldhofer's, and trailers with this skidding system.

Load Chart

Moving transformer with HT500 hydra-slide slide system

VIDEO: Transformer Move with Hydra-Slide HT500 Track


500 ton

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