Committed to Crane Safety with NCCCO

Committed to Crane Safety with NCCCO

Being in the crane rental industry is not easy. We have to rely solely on the qualifications, technical knowledge, and experience of everybody on our team. We know we have a strong and knowledgeable staff here at Crane Service, Inc. But how can we convey this to our clients, and the public at large? Well first by having our staff licensed and certified through credible companies, like the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, also known as NCCCO. Our operators are certified through the NCCCO organization.

To further our involvement we are applying to be a part of the NCCCO Employer Recognition program.

"The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is pleased to announce the introduction of its Committed to Crane Safety Employer Recognition Program. This program was created to recognize the time, effort, and dedication to safety that employers demonstrate by certifying their crane operators, signalpersons, and riggers through NCCCO.

Companies that participate in this recognition program enhance their standing by demonstrating to their clients, potential clients, and employees that safety through CCO certification is a priority. Companies that achieve recognition are nationally recognized for their commitment on the NCCCO website, in the CCO newsletter, and in other industry media."

This is a strong movement forward to help you become more credible for your clients, as well. To learn more follow this link the the NCCCO website.

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Published 2012.

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