Crane Service Purchases Grove GMK6400

Crane Service is proud to announce the purchase of the Grove GMK6400 [450 ton crane] at ConExpo.

Crane Service Purchases Grove GMK6400
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The Grove GMK6400 will help Crane Service better serve our Texas divisions. We purchased the GMK6400 with the Mega-wing package. The Mega-wing package not only adds capacity to the crane, but is logistically easier and safer to install. This will help us and ultimately our customers who will require heavy lifts, far away lifts, and specialty rigging projects.

Pictured are (left to right) Don Himelfarb of McClung-Logan Holdings, Joe McKeehan of H & E Equipment Services, Crane Service Inc. President Scott Wilson, Robert Matz of Power Equipment Company, Brandon Turner of McClung-Logan Holdings, and Cary Burr of H & E Equipment Services.

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