Importance of Crane Outriggers

Crane outriggers are very important, both structurally and placement wise. Crane manufacturers have designed the cranes to function in certain controlled conditions. The load-charts have been designed to keep the crane uprightThe load charts can vary from fully extended, half extended, to on rubber charts. It is crucial for crane integrity to work only within the engineered chart limits. Never should an operator operate the crane outside what a load chart states or disregard the load chart. Believe it or not, but they were designed for a reason. Staying within those limits is crucial for you and crew to stay safe.

Outrigger placement is also important. Many surfaces were not designed to withstand the pressures that an outrigger jack can put down on the ground. For instance, our Grove GMK-7550 can put down upwards of 300,000lbs of pressure on one outrigger jack. If you concentrate that load on uncompacted or expanding soil, you could find yourself in a bad position. This brings another up point. Outrigger placement is just as important as having proper outrigger pads, whether they are engineered for one crane like our Grove GMK-7550 or our purchased from a mat company, like Dica Mats, they are always needed. It is important to know what type of soil you are setting up on and what may lie beneath you like cavities, vaults, septic tanks, etc.

The importance of understanding your outrigger position and chart, as well as, outrigger placement cannot be understated.

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Published 2013.

Posted in Crane Rental Blog

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