The Rigging Blueprint

The Rigging Blueprint

We have officially started our own video series focused on rigging issues pertaining to the crane rental industry. In our inaugural episode rigging expert, Fred Hamby, discusses the importance of keeping the angle of your slings close to our below 60 degrees. Follow this link to see our Rigging Blueprint video.

Once your sling angles pass this "magical" mark you raise the load the on your slings immensely. You can increase the load of your slings past what the manufactures recommendations easily by increasing the angle and you may not know you are even doing it. A general rule of thumb is to never exceed the 60 degree mark. You may be thinking, well my load only allows for a 45 degree angle or so on. That is only partially true. One way to get past this is include a spreader bar in your rigging plan. This will allow for your rigging to be at a 90 degree angle which is close a load angle multiplier of 1. Then your rigging from your hook to your spreader bar can be at 60 degrees. Another solution, which sometimes is not feasible, is to come back in and use two cranes for the pick.

Whichever way you chose to rig your load make sure it is safe. An unsafe load puts everybody on the job site in jeopardy.

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Published 2012.

Posted in Crane Rental Blog

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  • paulcohello


    19 November 2012 at 08:57 |
    Thanks for the great post about rigging!

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