Used Cranes for Sale

Used Cranes for Sale

Buying used cranes can be difficult. There are many factors that will make or break the deal. Once you have found the used crane that you are interested in there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Hours on the crane upper and lower
  • Condition of the tires
  • Any accumulation of dust - this can mean there is a leak present
  • Operate the crane (if possible)
  • Condition of equipment - outriggers, axles, frame, engines (both upper and lower), planetary gears, etc
  • Seller - Is the seller credible?
  • Past years maintenance records
  • Past years crane inspection paperwork
These are just a few items to look at when you are buying a used crane. To ensure you are getting a proper price you can look around Crane Network, Machinery Trader, Ritchie Brothers auction records, or other sources. Here at Crane Service, Inc when we place a crane for sale we have all the above material checked, inspected, and provide maintenance records for our cranes. Typically the cranes are coming just coming out of our crane rental fleet and are inspected and certified.
If you have any questions contact us at Info@CraneServiceInc.com
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Published 2012.

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