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About the Manitowoc 16000

About the Manitowoc 16000

We are excited to have added the Manitowoc 16000 to our fleet. The machine is absolutely incredible. The Manitowoc 16000 is a very sought after crane for wind work, and overall heavy picks. The crane is 440 ton class crane before the Max-er attachment. Which adds another 256 tons of counterweight.

The 16000 has specialized boom configurations for the wind industry. The wind tip or harley jib allow the crane to get close to wind towers and yet still have reach above the nacelle. Add the WA boom, which is a heavier and more rigid boom, and you are ready to safely work on a wind tower. The WA boom is also commonly used in conjunction with heavy lifts. In many cases the Manitowoc 16000 can out chart a Manitowoc 2250, while still requiring less truck loads to move the crane in, also known as mobilization. Likewise, there are some configurations where the Manitowoc 2250 in Max-er can out pick the 16000. The 16000 is a highly sought after crane for rental. Crane rental for this crane typically is booked months in advance to ensure availability.

All in all this is quite an impressive machine to work around. Looking up at a nacelle from the cab or the ground is a site to see. We have included a few pictures of this crane to help bring you into our industry and show you what we do.

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Published 2012.

Posted in Crane Rental Blog