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Crane and Rigging Hotline - RT Cranes

Crane and Rigging Hotline - RT Cranes

Crane Service, Inc is featured in this month's Crane and Rigging Hotline magazine. Check out the front cover to see one of our new rough terrain cranes, as we load it. We are also, mentioned in their RT article, as we discuss the rough terrain sector of our business.

Rough terrain cranes are an interesting breed of crane. They have a wheels, like most cranes, but they don't really have an "upper" or "lower." The have an all inclusive operating cab. Meaning the operator will operate the crane and driving functions from one area [shown in the picture is the operating cab our new Link-Belt RTC 8050 rough terrain crane].

Unlike most cranes, rough terrain cranes have what is called a "pick and carry" chart. This allows them to move a load that they hoisted around a job site, without having to use their outriggers. While the pick and carry chart is a reduced chart, the rough terrain crane is still a viable option for many refineries, plants, and wind parks.

The rough terrain crane has cut out a niche market and isn't for every job site. But for the right job site you can't beat them. With a low working foot print, the rough terrain crane can get it into areas of a plant or site, as if by magic.

Check out more in this months Crane and Rigging Hotline to see what we think the rough terrain sector has in store for 2013.

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Published 2013.

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