Oil and Gas

We know oil and gas. We have 59 plus years of experience in the oil and gas industry.. Check out what we have accomplished in this field.

Alon USA

Alon USA required the use of nine separate cranes working around the clock.

CCI Compressor Lift

cci kirtland compressor crane service

The Link-Belt ATC3210 a 210 ton all-terrain crane is working on dressing out a compressor that is shown here.

Compressor Skid Lift

Lauren constructors crane rental

This project was to lift a 140k compressor skid with a challenging center of gravity.


Managed by our Bloomfield office, we are routinely changing out compressors and other varying components around the four corner's oilfields.

Du Pont Project El Paso

Du Pont El Paso Texas Plant

The Link-Belt HTC86100 100 ton hydraulic truck crane is working at the Du Pont plant in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Pumping Station Project

We unloaded a gas turbine and set it aside until proper skid arrived. Meanwhile, we moved several gas turbines via the jack and role method around inside the warehouse to better accommodate any incoming gas turbines.

Elkhorn Compressor

elkhorn compressor lift el paso texas

We are hoisting a compressor skid that weighed 115,000 lbs. We used the Link-Belt ATC 3275 [275 ton] crane to complete the project for Elkhorn.

Exterran Compressor

Exterran Compressor lift with crane

The Link-Belt HTC8675 a 75 ton hydraulic truck crane is hoisting a compressor for Exterran in Farmington, New Mexico.

Gas Compressor Lift

gas compressor crane rental

Hoisting a 62,000 lb. gas compressor through a roof opening using our Liebherr LTM1160 crane. We then loaded the gas compressor on to our trailer for transportation. The compressor is being sent to Bloomfield, NM to be rebuilt.

Landmark Isobutane Sphere

Isobutane Sphere crane rental

The Terex AC250-1 a 300 ton all-terrain crane is hoisting a 82,000 lb Isobutane Sphere for Landmark.

Natural Gas Coyote Gulch

An American 9310 erects a vessel at Coyote Gulch.

Navajo Refinery

Critical lift plans were required for lifts exceeding 350,000 lb for the gas oil hydro heater reinstall.

PCL Construction Vessel

Crane hoisting vessel

The Link-Belt ATC3275 hoisting vessels in San Angelo, Texas for PCL Construction. The vessel weighed 77,000 lbs and was a radius of 48 feet.

Peabody Coal Mine

Peabody Conveyor Spool
We were working at the Peabody Coal Mine in Kayenta, Arizona.

Praxair Tank Hoist

praxair crane El Paso Texas Plant

The Terex AC350/6, 400-ton all-terrain crane, and the Link-Belt HTC8675, 75-ton hydraulic truck crane, are hoisting a 47,000lb tank for Praxair at Western Refining in El Paso, Texas.

Red Cedar Gathering

These pictures were taken at Red Cedar Homestead location, northeast of Aztec, NM. Crane Service Inc. used a Link-Belt ATC3250 truck, which is a 250 ton all terrain crane to set a dehydrator unit for Red Cedar Gathering.

Utah Reclamation Project

This project in Utah came with many challenges.  As with any project, there are unforeseen obstacles that challenge your abilities as a project manager.  This was one of those projects.

Western Refining El Paso, Texas

Western Refining crane shutdown

The Link-Belt HTC86100, a 100-ton hydraulic truck crane and the Link-Belt HTC8690, a 90-ton hydraulic truck crane are working for Western Refining in El Paso, Texas.

Xcel Amarillo Texas

hoisting refinery pipe amarillo

We are working in the Xcel plant in the Panhandle - Amarillo, Texas. The Link-Belt HTC86100 is flying pipe and other components in the Xcel plant.