Heavy Rigging & Slide

The Crane Service alternative movement division [AMD] specializes in heavy hoisting and rigging with or without cranes. Our jack-n-roll division has all the right tools to move heavy transformers, heavy compressors, heavy vessels, etc. Our team has Lift Systems 2033SCT Gantry's, 100 ton jacks, Hydra-Slide LP400 low profile skid system, and Hydra-Slide HT500 heavy track skid systems. Our skidding systems can handle up to 500 ton loads and can be skid 100+ feet. The Hydra-Slide system replaces your conventional "roller skate" or Hilman Rollers setup. Which equates to a more controlled and stable move of your transformer, vessel, compressor, machinery, etc. If you combine all of these tools we can jack your load from a pit to ground level and slide it to a Goldhofer trailer or from your Goldhofer onto your pad that is at ground level, above ground level, or below ground level.

Our heavy hoisting and rigging team can handle your project.

VIDEO: Transformer Move with Hydra-Slide HT500 Track

VIDEO: Transformer Move with Hydra-Slide LP-400

WATCH VIDEO: Hydra-Slide LP-400 Video