Hydraulic Truck Crane Rental

Hydraulic truck cranes are highly versatile and provide an efficient alternative solution for construction teams and other businesses that require significant lifting power in situations where it is not possible to use other standard cranes. Motorized by an internal hydraulic system, these machines are designed to lift some of the heaviest loads, capable of transporting entire houses, heavy shipping containers, and even multi-ton bridge sections. Looking for a hydraulic crane rental? Start by narrowing down exactly what you need.

Hydraulic cranes are categorized by their total lifting capacity, which is a combination of their overall construction and the strength of the hydraulic system. For example, a 100-ton crane can lift up to 100 tons. It’s imperative that you choose your rental based on the demand of your specific project, as overloading a crane past its stated capacity will cause it to fail. All credible rental companies provide load charts, detailing dimensions, the working range, as well as superstructure and carrier specifications. Click on one of the categories below to view Crane Service Inc.'s inventory:

90-140 TON

Lines Carried: Grove, Link-Belt

55-75 TON

Lines Carried: Grove, Link-Belt

25-40 TON

Lines Carried: Grove, Terex


Consider what sort of environment you’ll be working in and how the crane will be utilized. Will you be using a fixed boom crane extension? Stowed or erected? Retracted or extended? Have you thought about the machine’s capacity with its jib crane extension? Take the time to outline exactly how the machine will be used and analyze if its weight restrictions accommodate your lifting and transportation needs.

Another factor in selecting your crane rental service is finding out the business’ maintenance schedule and standard care for the vehicles, as well as if they provide general liability insurance and offer any additional insurance options for increased security. Additionally, you may discover that the crane you need for your project is one your team doesn’t have experience operating. Inquire if the company provides only bare rentals or if they supply operated equipment with trained crane experts as well. Here is a list of other common questions to ask a mobile crane rental service:

  • How does this rental and your company save me money?
  • How current is the equipment? How is it maintained? How often is it inspected?
  • How are your operators trained?
  • Does your company provide permits for the equipment?

Simultaneously, this is the information you should have available for the rental company when inquiring about using their services:

  • Weight and dimension of the load being lifted and transported
  • Any objects or barriers the load will be lifted over, such as power lines, trees, etc.
  • The distance from the crane to where the load is being placed
  • Lift and set elevations
  • Project location

Hydraulic truck cranes provide the distinct advantage of being able to drive the crane to the construction location where it’s needed without requiring additional options for transportation. Efficient and powerful, they provide a viable alternative for situations in which the standard, stationary crane cannot get the job done. By doing your research and preparing your questions before calling a crane rental service, you’ll be able to better communicate and ensure your needs are addressed, leading to a more successful overall rental process and project completion.