Critical lift plans were required for lifts exceeding 350,000 lb for the gas oil hydro heater reinstall.

The primary lift crane for all vessels was a Manitowoc 2250.
For the first lift the 2250 was configured with 180 feet of #44 boom, HT tip, series II counterweights, and a 250 ton duplex hooked reeved with a ten part line.

For the remaining lifts the 2250 was assembled in Max-er configuration with 200 feet main #44/49A boom, 130 feet of #44 mast, 225,000 lb of trailing counterweight, and a thirteen part 250 ton duplex hook.

An American 9310 was used as a tail rig with 80 feet of 92 S boom, 135,000 lb of counterweights, and a ten part 250 ton duplex hook.